Our company has all the elements required to carry out every stage in the machining of aerospace parts. Thanks to this, we remain in complete control of every stage of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the highest quality product for our clients.

The processes carried out at GSC for the machining of aerospace parts are well-known thanks to our experience, our use of high-end materials, cutting-edge production equipment, the most comprehensive thermal treatments, the maximum care in our finishings and the most optimised costs and delivery times.

0.1 Engineering and design

Design and calculation of components, generation of 3D models, manufacturing routes and CNC programming. Generation of all the necessary POA (Production Organisation Approval) or MOA (Maintenance Organisation Approval) documentation.

0.2 Commodities

· Buying: buying management of all types of materials, both chemical and normal to be used in different parts.

· Commodities storage: technical reception of said materials and laboratory tests. At GSC, we also manage storage and logistics for you.
· Cut and dispatch of commodities: cutting and manufacturing materials for the machining of aerospace parts.

0.3 Machining

Manufacture of equipment. Carrying out machining, sheet metal, composite, and electrical material work.

Read the complete list of equipment used by us. Our equipment is noted for its excellent innovative value, leading to high quality products which exceed our clients’ expectations.

0.4 Thermal treatments

· Solubilisation, maturation and stress relief of stainless and refractory steels.
· Austenisation, tempering, and stress relief of alloy steel and carbon..
· Stress relief after rectifying the hard chrome plating.
· Aluminium stress relief.

0.5 Final Processing

· Final processing of aluminium, steel and titanium parts.
· Final painting of finished products.
· Cosmetic repairs and reprocessing of the final product.
· Identification.

0.6 Assembly

The parts and assemblies will be put together for complete aerostructure assembly. GSC manages and controls each part of the supply chain. This makes it easier for the customer, who will only interact with one agent.

0.7 Logistics

The fact that we manage every part of the process results in more efficient logistical management. The customer can thus wait for their final product with complete peace-of-mind! Which steps are made easier by GSC?
· Reception
· Location and Storage
· Delivery of finished products
· Provision of delivery documentation

0.8 Certifications

We obtain and certify the processes carried out for the manufacture, assembly and logistics of aerospace parts and components.