Machinery Park Expansion

Machinery Park Expansion

We are pleased to welcome these 3 new 5-axis machines from the Manufacturer Makino, model DA300 and D500, to our large machinery park. In this way, we incorporate high speed in machining of aluminum parts up to 400mm in length. The strong trend in the sector towards the automation and digitalization of processes is reflected […]

GSC has been awarded by Airbus

Airbus has held its annual D2P (Details Parts Partner) strategic supplier conference, bringing together its key global suppliers for machining, sheet metal and structure. At this conference, GSC was awarded by Airbus with the recognition as Operational Excellence and as Specialist for another year under the detailed parts partnership programme. We would like to thank […]

Lean Kata

Today, all professionals working in the aerospace sector are familiar with LEAN methodology to a greater or lesser extent. The competitive acceleration that the sector has undergone in the last decade has led many companies to look for ways to reduce their operating costs. This is where many of them decided to go for the […]

New technologies in GSC

At GSC we are committed to continuous improvement and technological development, a key need to maintain competitiveness in the sector. We have a great team, great professionals with extensive experience in the machining sector, committed to the values and purpose of the company. Our staff has the latest technology at the forefront of i.4.0, backed […]

Raw material and cutting warehouse

The storage of raw materials is the first step in the production process, hence the importance of locating it close to the machining plant. At GSC we have our own warehouse of materials, normal and chemical; integrated within the supply chain, we manage their purchase, storage and logistics, cutting and dispatch.In our warehouse we have […]