Machinery Park Expansion

Machinery Park Expansion

We are pleased to welcome these 3 new 5-axis machines from the Manufacturer Makino, model DA300 and D500, to our large machinery park. In this way, we incorporate high speed in machining of aluminum parts up to 400mm in length.

The strong trend in the sector towards the automation and digitalization of processes is reflected in the benefits that these machines provide us, and with the equipment of an automatic loading robots from the manufacturer Erowa and its JMS management software, give us operating autonomy uninterrupted up to 50 hours of machining without operator supervision.

The design of the cell, the tools and accessories, as well as the machining strategy and applications implemented for this new generation of cutting-edge machines, have been studied in great detail by our multidisciplinary team. It is a flexible configuration, with up to 55 different pallet positions, with different types of pallets and ties, which allow us to sequentially and safely machine as many different Part Numbers as pallet configurations we need to make.

We are very proud of the work  developed, always as a team, and the results we are achieving, but above all of the evolution of knowledge and the challenge achieved, which is always to offer the best service in quality, time and cost to our customers.

Soon we will show you the next additions to our machinery park that are currently being prepared, do not miss details in the next publications.