Making aviation green is possible?

In order to answer this question , we are researching on energy efficiency into aeronautical sector through the activities developed as leader of the GREEN-FA 4.0 project (CDTI) , working in the IAM 3DHUB (cluster promoted by HP , Leitat  and Renihsaw ibérica)  with the intention of acquiring knowledge for adoption of metal additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies into his manufacturing process along with machining in order to develop a new competitive products and services that strengthens his competitiveness apart from improve the final product of the customer.

maquinaria gsc

The objective of GREEN-FA 4.0 is maturation of additive manufacturing process of Selective Láser Melting (SLM) and Wire-Based Laser Metal Deposition (LMD-w) for the purpose of introduce these technologies into manufacturing of critical parts for aeronautical engine.

This knowledge is going to be developed in different process steps, firstly analyzing consequences on the microstructure and mechanical properties, as well as the postprocesses necessary to obtainthe requirements established for the final piece and after that , this components are going to be evaluated, in order to design, manufacture and test a typical demonstration parts.

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