We offer solutions for the machining and assembly to the international aeronautical industry

GSC is immersed in a process of expansion to provide a response to the demands of the international market. In this way, we offer solutions for the machining and assembly of aerostructures to the international aeronautical industry.

We have worked intensely to continue expanding our capacities to cover a greater diversity of aeronautical projects, offering a growing variety of solutions and being able to handle, thanks to our specialized personnel, jobs of any size.

We are specialists in the manufacture of metal small, medium and large aerospace components. Moreover, GSC is strongly committed to assembly of aerostructures, recognizing the importance that this has for our clients.

One of the main advantages that makes us different is that we master the assembly process from the beginning to the last details, including the final processes of painting, the surface finishing, the application of sealants, adhesives and liquid supplements.

Machining and Assembly GSC

By having the entire supply chain integrated, we are able to reduce delivery times and assembly costs as much as possible.

In this sense, we add value to our customer’s programs, since we are responsible for the entire process from the moment we receive the raw materials we work with, until we deliver the components they have requested directly to the customer’s facilities.

In GSC we share a vision, to offer global, efficient, precise and optimized solutions with a high commitment to the customer. We believe that only in this way we can move forward into the future creating value for our employees, our customers and of course, for society in general.

Working Assembly GSC

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