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Research in new technologies to boost a new national industry of autonomous robotic solutions”, is a response to an endemic problem of the Spanish industrial fabric; its low productivity in comparison with other Eurozone countries. That some sources attribute this mainly to two circumstances; foreign technological dependence and the lack of skilled labour.

CENTAURO has the firm objective of developing its own technology in the field of intelligent robotics. Specifically, in the so-called “mobile manipulators”, autonomous robotic solutions with the ability to move in a production environment to assist/perform different types of tasks including those requiring skilled labour. This will remove technological barriers, enable these applications to take off and boost a new economic sector focused on robotics, which in turn will support other sectors of Spanish industry.

In the development of this project, key technologies will be investigated such as:

  • Flexible and versatile manipulation of manipulator robots, providing them with visual and force perception.
  • Autonomous navigation of mobile robots indoors and outdoors
  • Intuitive programming and coordination of the mobile manipulator’s actions
  • The design of new manipulator elements for special applications
  • The safety of mobile manipulators in interaction with people
  • The Edge and Cloud connectivity of robots

Robot cybersecurity

Therefore, the challenge to be addressed by CENTAURO is to encourage Spain to acquire a relevant and highly competitive position in a new industry of autonomous and versatile robotic solutions based on mobile manipulators through the generation of proprietary technology that will be the seed of future globally competitive industrial projects and will reduce the productivity gap between Spain and other countries in the Eurozone.

This project is part of the Science and Innovation Missions 2023 (TransMisiones) programme, application 162789, the result of collaboration between the Centre for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) and the State Research Agency, both part of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. For this project, Sevilla Control has received a grant of 297,891.57 €.