Through the INTEGRATE Project, in collaboration with the subcontracting of LEITAT technology center, it is intended to acquire knowledge in digital domains, which allow improving customer service and considerably improving their processes. The highest loss costs are associated with 3 key parameters: Non-quality costs, downtime costs (both operators and machines) that may not be producing at the pace they should and finally the time that the machines are operating effectively. This will lead to a reduction in defects and energy consumption and, therefore, reduce production costs. To do this, it will investigate 3 fields of technological application, which will serve as support for the improvement of the competitiveness of the company in the three main aspects: Optimization of costs, energy consumption and reduction of delivery times.

This project has been subsidized within the framework of the strategic action of economy and digital society of the state program of r + d + i oriented to challenges of society and the state program of business leadership of RED.ES in the call for aid 2021 aimed at research and development projects in artificial intelligence and other digital technologies and their integration into value chains (C005/21-ED).