The ANALYSIS project proposes a novel development of advanced solutions related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the value chain of metal component manufacturing in the aerospace sector. Its ultimate aim is to substantially improve flexibility, efficiency and sustainability in the manufacturing chain of a nationally relevant sector such as aerospace, which can be replicated in other strategic sectors such as the naval, railway and automotive industries.
This second phase will focus on artificial intelligence tools that will make it possible to provide intelligence and exploit the data collected by the deployment carried out in the first phase of the project. In this second phase of the project, the development of advanced human-machine communication interfaces in production-relevant environments will be promoted.
The prospecting carried out by Sevilla Control for the implementation of artificial intelligence in the development of advanced logistics systems, the digitalisation of the production system and the intelligent management of the plant and its validation in a relevant environment has received a subsidy of 67,559 €.