Metal additive manufacturing


The IMPULSO project (“3D printing research for industrial validation and connectivity in the digital environment”) proposes a novel development in the value chain of metal components manufactured by 3D printing, with the ultimate aim of establishing an efficient and simple methodology that allows the implementation of additive technology in the manufacturing production chain of two relevant sectors at national level, aerospace and medicine.

In this third phase of the project, known as IMPULSO F3, the development and transfer of specific technology and know-how to implement additive technology in the space sector will be carried out. Synergies will be sought with earlier research in other fields and to strengthen the capabilities of national companies in a growing and disruptive space sector. The objective is to consolidate additive manufacturing in this sector, always maintaining a firm commitment to certification and compliance with regulations, given that the space sector demands high quality standards.

Sevilla Control’s collaboration in the project includes research into post-processes for improving the quality of components manufactured using additive technology, for which it received a grant of €67,621.