Metal additive manufacturing

The RADAR project in collaboration with the subcontracting of TECNALIA technology center, consists of developing a new way of manufacturing aeronautical parts with very high added value, with maximum productivity and the lowest cost, through the Additive Manufacturing process known as WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing). This new manufacturing methodology could replace the traditional way of manufacturing parts , mainly focused in large part of aeronautical parts that are manufactured by Forging and Machining processes. Most of these parts are manufactured in Titanium alloys (generally Ti6Al4V), a very high-cost material and with a great geometric complexity.

This project has been subsidized within the framework of the strategic action of digital economy and society of the state program of r + d + i oriented to the challenges of society and the state program of business leadership of RED.ES in the call for aid 2020 on technological development based on artificial intelligence and other digital enabled technologies.File number 2020/0720/00098708.