Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

Due to the urgency required, the AOG market needs to shorten manufacturing lead times as much as possible. In order to respond to this type of needs, at GSC we have a specific multidisciplinary team in charge of managing each urgent requirement with the customer, controlling the AOG production process and solving on the fly the incidents that may arise, thus avoiding any displacement in the delivery.

The process for AOG delivery starts with the arrival of the requirement of an urgent need; an offer is made and our best delivery date is indicated; once the conditions are accepted by the customer, priority is given in the whole production process, putting these pieces ahead of the queue of the work in progress, which goes from the cutting of the raw material, machining, final processes and assembly if necessary. It is very important to meet the deadlines offered, so specific monitoring is carried out to ensure that we meet each milestone planned for these deliveries.

So far in 2021, GSC has delivered 400 orders at AOG and more of 6000 parts, all of which have been delivered on time.

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