Introducing another of our machines. a61nx Makino

We continue in our interest to inform you about the machinery that we are currently using at GSC. Today we would like to present the Makino a61nx

It has a unique path cover design, the tooling change arm with a double bracket that provides the basis for industry-leading reliability.

The a61nx’s multiple technologies reduce cutting time, providing benefits in the production of the high volume parts we work with regularly. The Active Inertia Control monitors the engine load and estimates the total weight of the fixture. With this information, the IAC optimizes the acceleration and deceleration of the widely used B and Z axes.

The spindle takes full advantage of the nominal working torque to optimize the start and stop response, resulting in a 20% reduction in threading time compared to the previous model.

Some more specific characteristics that we can highlight from this efficient machine are:

  • Four-axis horizontal machining center.
  • High productivity, precision and reliability.
  • Robust design of the bed (casting), as well as a system of large roller-type linear guides ensure that the entire work envelope can be used effectively.
  • High speed and high power spindle at 14,000 rpm. Especially effective on hard metals. Materials: 94% Titanium, 6% Steel
  • Maximum dimensions:
  • Length: 730 mm
  • Width: 730 mm
  • Height: 800 mm