Raw material and cutting warehouse

The storage of raw materials is the first step in the production process, hence the importance of locating it close to the machining plant. At GSC we have our own warehouse of materials, normal and chemical; integrated within the supply chain, we manage their purchase, storage and logistics, cutting and dispatch.
In our warehouse we have a stock of a wide variety of materials (steel, aluminium, titanium, copper or plastic, among others) and 12 cutting machines, which allow us to ensure compliance with delivery deadlines and an agile response to any customer emergency.

Good inventory management allows us to produce at a different pace to that of standard orders and the purchase of raw materials, which normally have a high lead time. Thus, when we receive sudden demands for urgent needs, we are able to react quickly with the warehouse stock, cutting and dispatching the material as required. This gives us great flexibility and added value to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.